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Sonic Bass Radio plays live from all across the globe. Catch all your favourite presenters, DJ’s and live shows on your PC, TV, tablet or mobile. Use your Alexa, yo grandmas smart watch, steel her tablet who cares, whatever, click the adverts, give us money. Jeez radio stations don’t build themselves out of thin air.

Broadcasting 24 Hours a day we are an online radio station available all over the planet, run entirely by hard working volunteers from the Sonic Bass Radio community. We reach deep inside the inner soul of audiences locally, nationally and internationally.

Big shout to Mr Tim for his tech dedication, this man is finally getting the love he deserves in life so don’t worry about him just put your hands down your pants and donate to us instead. (At the time of writing there is nowhere to donate, so please give to Mr Tim anyway).

Obviously a massive shout to all our DJ’s that get involved to play and help make Sonic Bass Radio the tragic but quite secret thing it is. Does anyone want a Sonic Bass T-Shirt £4.30 delivered? Don’t be tight people, buy the merch, like, subscribe and all that jaz.

T-Shirt Slogans include the quality Sonic Bass Logo:

“I brought this s**t for £4.30 and I’m hurt”
“Not Behaving…. Just raving a little.”
“I may be wrong… but I’m not….”
“I wish I could mix like Danny Flex”
“I Love Milton Keynes”
“I Hate Milton Keynes”
“I helped keep Unit Nine Open” – Donate here: